Flight Validation of instrument flight procedures

Flight validation requirements for instrument flight procedures have grown substantially in recent years.

Radiola’s experienced flight validation crews have completed validation missions in many parts of the world with more than 2500 procedures validated to date.

Flight validation is a highly specialised activity that ensures:

  • instrument flight procedures meet the intended operational requirement
  • obstacle assumptions during the procedure design process are correct
  • pilot workload is acceptable
  • the air traffic environment is assessed

The use of our advanced flight validation equipment and software ensures that the pre-flight, during flight and after flight components of the process are completed in a highly efficient and traceable manner.

Pre-flight assessment and flight planning is an essential component of the validation process.
It comprises of:

  • procedure data loading
  • flight plan generation
  • procedure data audit
  • crew situational awareness in 3D (Google Earth)
  • crew and ATC briefing

During flight assessment comprises:

  • real-time data evaluation and recording
  • precision 3D flight guidance
  • turn anticipation and RF turns generation
  • offset guidance for splays and obstacle surfaces
  • flight director control
  • satellite performance

After flight analysis includes:

  • flight replay
  • flight data probe of any data sample
  • 3D Google Earth evaluation of flight tracks
  • archiving of data