Airfield Lighting Systems

A sophisticated navigation aid installation at your airfield will allow aircraft to locate the airfield and approach the runway. However it does not necessarily allow for landing unless your airfield has an adequate and reliable airfield lighting system.

Radiola Aerospace delivers fully compliant airfield lighting solutions. We can offer you a range of solutions that meet regulatory requirements, while providing you with cost effective project delivery.

We tailor the system to meet your needs. Using only products with the latest technology, we consider product performance, compliance, operating costs, your budget, and delivery time, to give you the best value.

Radiola Aerospace can supply a wide range of airfield lighting products, from conventional cabled systems to LED solar lighting systems.  Our experience in delivering complex aviation projects will ensure that lighting projects are completed quickly, safely, and efficiently–with minimal disruption to airfield operations.

Services offered by Radiola include:

  • Turnkey project management
  • Equipment sourcing and delivery
  • Installation and testing
  • Commissioning flight inspection services – using local aircraft where possible to minimise costs
  • Maintenance services and through-life project support